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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What: X-mas eve Dinner
Where: Vivo, St James Power Station some Ah Wok Zi Char restaurant
When: Dinner at 7pm, Meet at 6pm

What: X-mas countdown and reindeer watching
Where: Karin's Entertainment Lounge
When: 10.30 onwards

Actvities: Gift exchange (<$10)
Dress code: Christmasy and party hat

|syoung| 7:02:00 PM|

Sunday, December 14, 2008

13 December 2008
6.00 PM
Marina Square (yet again)

JK, Spiderman, Drug addict, Turtle, Spiderwoman, Kare , Ah Pek , Mysterious person

Absent with good reason
Siew Wei Taiwan
Yaru NPCC Camp (she says it is her last one but she always says that)
Cheese Taiwan
Xiao Jun JB
Shimin Merry Tus

Absent without good reason
Michael I eat dinner already (yah at 5pm)
Ron Pretend not to pick up phone. Make present for tuition agent.
Cui Hui I meeting my other friends.
The REST never reply sms

Updates for class
- Mysterious person being introduced.
- KC turned black (1st time in 5 years) after moon tanning.
- Ah Pek chopped her hair and we have seen what she will be like in 20 years.
- HZY is becoming whiter and nuaer
- Jia Kai and Yee Siang become more handsome.
- Karin and Mei Wei become prettier.

Things to recall
- KC touch Grace's zup on sofa and he went on sniffing. (It is a nightmare to type this)
- Christine cried on Zhongyao’s shoulder before. (Now you know)
- JK brought a sewing kit to sew his shoe during JC days.
- HZY and ah ah ah ah.....haha
- JK is Christine’s papa and recall Christine’s close finger elbow locked wave + wide smirk.
- Karin blogged that KC is a faggot.

Things that you always know and you wish to forget
- KC and HZY is going to England to represent their clubs to play soccer since 2004

The Future

Christmas party at Karin’s House, 24 December 2008 (Late night to Morning dun even think of going home)

It is a night of games, food, presents, forfeit, Bombay and Q&A session.


|blunder| 3:04:00 PM|

Friday, November 28, 2008

Class Outing

hey everyone!!!
i hope by now (or tmr, ;P), you'll be done with exams.
so it's time for another class outing before everyone starts getting busy again.
Any suggestions for Saturday?
is there a match on saturday?

|mich| 10:29:00 AM|

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's cheese's birthday!!!


|kare| 3:21:00 PM|

Friday, June 13, 2008

happy 21st birthday, fifi!! :D:D

|kare| 5:59:00 PM|

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First, it's always good to quote the source of the picture.
Second, there must be a reason why it is the topic of discussion.
Third, no one's gonna call u a show-off if you display some photoshop skills.
Fourth, it is always lovely to share awesome pictures!

Before i go any further, on behalf of all,
i just want to extend some thanks to jk for his generosity.

Here are some of my personal views.

What do you think of this lady?
She definitely has good posture.

What if shes your wife?
I have no intention to stray from traditional norms and turning into a homo anytime soon. Well, but it's definitely worthy of consideration for others. Don't you think?

What if shes your daughter?
My daughter is surely gonna kill for her looks.

What will you do?
I will buy her a comb.

|kare| 3:56:00 AM|

Sunday, June 08, 2008

What do you think of this lady?
What if shes your wife?
What if shes your daughter?
What will you do?

|blunder| 10:59:00 PM|