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Friday, February 24, 2006

Horror of all horrors ):

The results of the 2005 Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level Examination will be released on Wednesday, 1 March 2006.
School candidates may collect their result slips from their respective schools after 2.00pm on 1 March 2006.

Checked from the exams board website.
Haha, you can see how bored i am in school.

|richelle| 2:01:00 PM|

Thursday, February 23, 2006

heyyy, wad wud u ppl say to an outing this sun morning instead of sat?
preferably for breakfast so the guys can book in late afternn..
any violent objections??

|kare| 12:20:00 AM|

Sunday, February 19, 2006

hey ruo here's the info u needed:

here's a great job oppportunity. attractive remuneration, management training & great career advancement awaits successful candidates...

the requirements:
- 18 years old & above.
- able to converse in English.
- hardworking.
- motivated.
- enthusiastic.
- willing to learn.
- experience or high education not required. [as training will be provided]

positons available:
-full time
-part time

for those already having full-time job or schooling & want to get extra cash, DON'T worry! our company offers freelance positions, hence you only work when you are available.

yep tt's abt all... and if u r wondering where it is its located at raffles place n working hrs are flexible. yep any probs juz post it here again or msg mi!

|shimmie| 11:28:00 PM|

Friday, February 17, 2006

Shim, what kinda job is that? And work at where?

Oh people! Is anyone interested in going for the NTU talk thing at some hotel, Hotel Intercontinental I think, I can't remember. Anyway, so who wants to go? Haha, I'm looking for people to go with me!

|richelle| 11:22:00 AM|

Thursday, February 16, 2006

orh yar like getting a 2nd job(freelance) for those hu r working now but there r oso full time/part time positions available for those hu r nt yet working... ka interested? currently there r various positions available...

|shimmie| 11:01:00 PM|

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

shim..wad do u mean extra source of income? haha
like do wad?
meaning on top of current job(although i not working lah) can earn extra somewhere else? =b

04s47! enjoy vday!! =D

|kare| 5:21:00 PM|

Monday, February 13, 2006

hey peeps!

if anyone of u out there still looking for an extra source of income do gif mi a msg! =)

|shimmie| 11:48:00 PM|

Friday, February 10, 2006

hAppie biRfdaY jk!! =)

|kare| 12:00:00 AM|

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

shimmie...not scared starhub sue u ar? hahas.

hey ruo! take good care man..
must be the kids disturb u rite...so u screamed at them.
LOL k kidding..

hzy..so wads the latest news abt the As results? haha
aiii...heck when the results are out lah..
best it dey keep them forever. haha
let's enjoy as much as we can in the meantime =D
guess wad!
i gotta drive on the road todae on my second lessoN!
damnnnn funnn!!
passed st nicks too. =D
finally saw the newly coloured sch tt looks like a kindergarten. lol

let me tell u some interesting things tt happened. haha
the farniest thing todae was..
when i braked cos i saw 2 birds on the road taking their own sweet time to cross
den the instructor asked me why i braked for,
so i said cos got 2 birds lah..
n he luffed n jokingly went, u think the birds stupid meh? dunno how to fly ar..
but i go until so near the birds also nv fly away lo =/

another incident..
accelerated out of the slip road i din noe so near got traffic light man.
initially green den suddenly amber..
i cudnt decide so i accelerated a bit after which decided against it cos i thot it was gonna turn red
so i jammed the damn brake which nearly caused him to be flung forward! lol
cos really cannot make it to cross lah..
den he said see lah...tts why i always tell u not to press the accelerator so hard rite
u young girl not nervous tts why i sae accelerate only u think v easy jus press lah..

whoops! =b

tt's abt it. haha
more tmr =D

|kare| 11:59:00 PM|

Its ten am and I just woke up! Hoho, teacher so shiok right.
Like real.. I'm down with viral infection and resting at home ):
My voice is disgustingly gone. Haha.
Anyway, its been so long since I wrote something here.
How's everything been for the working class, other than shimmie gettin cheated.
Ha, I see starhub has just spoiled their reputation, I think no one would wanna work for them anymore. So wad if you give free incoming calls? I wun choose starhub. Hahaha.
Alrite, is there gonna be a class outing this sat?? Seems like I haven seen you guys for so long! Will the field camp pple be bookin out?
Oh, I watched news last night, and O's gonna be out this Fri. So I think A's will be next Fri, 17th?
Hmm see you guys soon!

|richelle| 10:29:00 AM|

results so late den released? tot it would b end of feb... but the tot of receiving it juz makes mi ____(you fill in the blank)... anyway my purpose of attempting a post here is to BITCH abt starhub!! pardon me but i'm so so pissed off!! ARGH!

1) starhub terminated my svc w/o any warning. reason they gave: i read novels during my FREE TIME but they claimed tt reading magazines or even chit-chatting(gossiping i supposed) would b much better than novels. totally ridiculous... how could they blame mi for my interest! what's more... i got permission frm my manager!!

2) i sold the most phones among all the other promoters and they credited mi by SACKING mi. how interesting...

3) when i got sacked it was my collegues hu received the call frm starhub... god knows what went on between their conversations... and the strangest thing of all: they refuse to tell mi what the person said or rather what they told the person although the call was for ME... hmm...

4) called back my sales manager frm starhub to ask her what's going on today... guess what? she said she aint very sure either... can u believe it!!

there u go... my history with starhub... getting sacked w/o a justified nor reasonable reason and nobody knows why... perhaps only the boss does... and the person hu received the call for me...

moral of the story folks: what's the point in working hard when all u get is CRAP in the end... and most imptly NEVER trust anyone out there ya! it's a painful experience... really...

...ahh now i do feel better =) on my journey to find another job! wish mi luck peeps!

|shimmie| 12:02:00 AM|

Sunday, February 05, 2006

while zhenrong and kc are in the forests of tekong right now, jia kai and chee han are preparing themselves for their very same experience. while i have another weekend to book out, to wait. to wait for the day of reckoning, the day that im doubly afraid of. afraid of receving the results, yet afraid that i mite not be able to receive them. contradicting but true. on the day, if yall do not see me, worry not, im still around, probably in the forests. it's a very uneasy feeling if it happens, because if gd news was to be shared, i wun be there to share, yet if otherwise, should i or should i not be there? at this pt of time, im not sure if yall would know what im trying to say, but nvm, i dunno also. haha. all the best everyone.

|syoung| 5:09:00 PM|

Thursday, February 02, 2006

wow why izit so quiet in here now?? lol i have been having a lot of dreams bout naval divers lately.. i just dreamt i in the unit then alwasy doing things like killing pirates?? n running n running during trng.. haha izzit good omens?? anywyas i cant wait to go NDU coz the guys keep talking bout army stuff n i totally wanna go try it for myself.. yes i know it will be hard but hey some1 needs to do this shit n protec our country.. so let officer huang don his naval combat equipment to protect SINGAPORE!! haha sounds crazy.. n i just had this 15 min convo with the apple staff bout my ipod. wah he damn frenly but his ENGLAND VERY POWDERFUL n i hardly could hear wtf he was talking bout.. haha!!! n i woke it up from a deep slp according to instrcutions from apple. WTF IPOD CAN GO INTO DEEP SLP!!!!! LOL i was damn surprised.. anyways can some1 organise class outing next time?? i very tired of oraginisng it..

|huangzy| 11:35:00 AM|