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Sunday, March 26, 2006

tmr marks the start of hell for me and another 2 more weeks b4 zhongyao's hell. a final entry b4 the rest of the guys continue to become officers and sergeants (while zhenrong continues to eat pringles in lectures).

some sergeant made a comment, 'whatever your parents did not teach you, the army is doing it for them now'. certainly, i knew it did not apply to me, for i know my parents did the best job they could. in the past, i would have agreed, aft seeing some cmi attitude ppl in ns. but then i started to realise it isn't true. coz those ppl in need of a change aren't learning at all, they are just doing for the sake of doing.

which makes me come to realise another pt that girls should really take note of. the only practical things the army trains us is to be patient (for we often have to wait to rush and rush to wait), forgiving (for we often get scolded unreasonably) and an ability to walk really long distance. so you see girls, when u have a bf, you will know where his patience, forgivingness and ability to shop for long hours came from. but pls do not forget, that he's really doing this against his will. haha.

have a nice week ahead ppl.

|syoung| 8:46:00 PM|

Sunday, March 19, 2006

hey guys, think the last few weekends rather uptight with all the uni stuff, looking thru courses, going to open houses, din even know what was really going on here la. paiseh ah, yall wanted to go my POP i din even know, haha, but lucky never la huh, coz we did a demonstration topless, qt embarassing yah. anyway it's so outta the way, guess yall wouldn't take the trouble haha. anyway, just a reminder, it's the 18th of march today, im gonna sleep wake up and spend the rest of the day doing the uni application, otherwise there'll only be 1 more weekend left. in fact, with the course i'll be going thru in the next 10 weeks, the mentality im gonna adopt is that every bookout is a bonus la, every 7 hours of sleep is a luxury. yup, hopefully by the end of the course, about early june, yall will still be able to see me alive ... and walking normally. course includes a taiwan trip (yup, third time there, but is not shopping) that deaparts on the 6th or 7th of May, which has placed me in a dilema la, coz 6th May have 1 SAT sitting and April 3rd is the registration dateline. for those of you interested, that's some information for u as well. just hoping this SAT results can put me in a better postion for an SMU application, yup. and tt's right, soon after my army course, i will be going for airborne liao, shiok anot? till that time then we say again ah.

i see a very big happy birthday to rong, and it makes me realise that i kinda forgot to wish a lot of ppl happy birthday la. so to all whose birthdays have passed and are coming soon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (sorry about my cheapskateness) but it also made me think back about last year march hols, our chalet, celebrating with the 2 birthday girls, yaru and candy. haha, ah...rmb that time, when everyone else piahing for block tests..WAHAHA. ok.. but in the end block tests are gd for us la ok. wonderful memories isn't it, wat an amazing chalet it was, with jia kai and me going for training on subsequent morning, having had only 2-4 hours of sleep. haha.

sorry if this entry is too long ah, but i also dunno when is the next time im gonna contribute another entry. haha. but wat to do, 47 blog mah, at least talk about the old days a bit, the good old days. otherwise spiderman never come also will have cobwebs. yup, keep us updated everyone, it is this period of time a lot of changes gonna take place, like zhong yao going NDU soon, got story to hear...

have fun in the meantime

|syoung| 3:15:00 AM|

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hAppy 19th, rong-a-nathan!! =p

oh and cheers to pop-ing guyss! ;)

|kare| 10:51:00 PM|

Monday, March 06, 2006


due to my f**king lousy a lvl results (its really like f**k) i have been intensively been researching n finding out bout universities in Asia Pacific. For ur info it includes countires liek SIngapore, Malaysia, Australia and Japan. Yeah i also went to the university fair at suntec. For ur info this is the link for u guys to help in ur uni decision i found this gosu site: http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/rank/2005/ARWU2005_TopAsia.htm its accurate. if u tot Singapore universities were top 25 in the world.. well UR WRONG it actu kenna own by all the ang moh universities. for ppl with lousy f**k results like me, its not the end, nope u dun need to go SIM, dun need to go poly, yes there is another option but... u must really take this chance to make up. its not gonna be cheap n ur results must be f**king good. i have already decided to take up an australian degree from one of the top 5 australian universities. i decided upon 2, uni of melbourne n uni of New South Wales. Both r top 5 in Australia (checked) but i decided to go for UNSW coz if u guys didnt know, THEY R COMING TO SINGAPORE. So for those thinking of going NTU WAIT!! UNSW is higher ranked than NTU and UNSW commerce course(business stuff) is top 3 in Asia!!! OWNAGE right but there is a catch, its extremely difficult to get in coz its top 3 in asia. So i m gonna take a 7-9 month refresher course which i have to do well (wish me luck) after my NS. this is really good coz UNSW owns NTU but loses to NUS. for those tinking of SMU, its not even in the list. hope my research has helped... FOR MEI WEI tis is urs : http://ed.sjtu.edu.cn/rank/2005/ARWU2005_Top100.htm

|huangzy| 3:39:00 PM|

Friday, March 03, 2006

it's Victorians' day tmr btw.
haha..have yall seen the cute vj bear??
click here
i wonder if dey sell it though..cos i want! =D

aniwae, jus a note here tt this wkend is gonna be outing-free.
not many of them are booking out this wkend in time for any outing and
since their POP is next wk after which dey get a block break so we'll meet the next wkend instead..
yups =)

|kare| 11:10:00 PM|