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Sunday, April 30, 2006

was looking thru my photos and found this one!
don't you think rong looks so... cute! (eeWw)
was this at our 1st chalet?
man... those were the days...
i hope we'll hv one b4 we enter uni.
mayb we shud book one in july!
off peak.
wad do u pple think? ;)

|mich| 6:09:00 PM|

Thursday, April 27, 2006

i decided not to go for the interview.
i thought for a really long time...
stared at the paper that read,
"state briefly the reasons for wanting to study law in NUS"
after hesitating for awhile,
i still found no answer.
i just realized i'm not at all interested in law.

is that a dumb decision?
i just hope i made a right move.
the interview is tmr.
if i don't turn up, i guess they wun even b bothered to offer me another seating or a placing in biz alone.
which i can't really b bothered.
since NTU has offered a better program.
oh well...
i hope to c u all at NTU.
let's all bunk in together!

|mich| 9:09:00 AM|

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

let's see. more updates!

once an applicant gets shortlisted for the med interview right, he or she has to prepare a portfolio. which consists of 2 recommendation letters from persons that are not related to the student. a resume or list of activities plus a personal statement. some sort of an essay. yeaps. that's step one. by the way, they gave us 4 days to prepare that.

next up would be the essay test. i sat for it last sunday at NUS. 800 pple were present and imagine this, out of this 800, only 200 willbe admitted as medicine student! gosh. i can feel the pressure building up!! and also a psychometric test. like a survey plus IQ test.

lastly comes the 2 interviews. that will be this friday. i really hope it'll go fine. guys, pray for me yeah. hopefully, all i;ve gone through so far wouldn't go to waste.

well, my nursing interview? current affairs was a hot topic. they asked me regarding healthcare systems changes. tightened security. stuff like that. i really hope, my med interviews wuld be a breeze.

MIKE!!! you wanted tips? well, don't wear jeans. definitely no tshirts. try to wear shoes that cover up the toes. hmm...nothing extravagant. light make up. look extremely neat. wear a blouse. formal pants. should be safe yeah. don't forget the IC.

by the way, i too got accepted into NTU's chem and bio engineering. hopefully i wouldn't end up there! coz i want to be a med stdent! badly!

|Anonymous| 8:57:00 PM|

Monday, April 24, 2006

i got shortlisted for an interview wif nus for the double degree prog for biz & law.
seriously i duno if i shud be happy.
cuz i totally dread interviews.
hate it.
n there's also a written test on sunday.
can anybody tip me on how to prepare myself for the interview?
wad to wear n all tt.

|mich| 9:19:00 AM|

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i dun understand..
wad recommendation letter?
wads it for?

and wad happened at ur nursing interview?

anw, yep all the best! :))

|kare| 12:00:00 PM|

hi there guys!!!! glad to come an update!

everyone seems to be happy around here! anyway, you guys have to go for interviews right?

by the way, liyana got shortlisted for nursing and medicine interviews at NUS! just thought i'd post since mike said to update!!

all the best to the rest yeah.

i'm so freaked out by the nursing interview, i hope the med one would be better. the portfoilo preparation almost killed me! and school teachers are not at nice as they say they are. one actually bastard me. i finally got my other recommendation letter from my Starbucks manager. sheesh.

take care everyone!!!

|Anonymous| 9:01:00 AM|

Friday, April 21, 2006

it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L friday!!!
wad's the plan pple?!?!
for the weekend that is.

i have a BIG announcement to make.
i've been accepted into NTU's Business course!!!
and i've been offered the double specialisation programme!
let me know when u guys get ur posting k?
den we can plan our first yr together!!!

|mich| 9:15:00 AM|

Thursday, April 13, 2006

(= hAppiE 19th birfday, mizie!! =)

|kare| 12:36:00 AM|

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


da jia zhao shang hao.

tiring day ahead.

btw, happy early bday hong mei gui !

|blunder| 9:13:00 AM|

Sunday, April 09, 2006


|mizie| 1:29:00 AM|

hAppy 19th birthday, kc! (",)

|kare| 12:03:00 AM|

Friday, April 07, 2006

STFU BOUT OUTING I CANT GO.. :p just kiddin.. haha have fun guys.. will be going in in 7 hrs time.. sobs sobs cant wait to see u all already. who feels bored? call me!!! haha cya guys take care..

|huangzy| 12:39:00 AM|

Thursday, April 06, 2006

i am finally blogging!
i kinda got sick of working alr.
weekends feel shorter each time they pass.
though it's getting more interesting nowadays.
it just feels like there's something missing in my life man.
all the rush for money.
it's killing the joy of working.

btw, are we gonna meet up for dinner again this sat?
seriously, i eat more every sat wif u guys than any other nites.
maybe even when all the nites combine, it wouldn't have made up the same amt of food.

oh ya, who's whitewash?

|mich| 9:42:00 PM|

hzy, i don't think you won't like army life. Come on la, you'll thrive in there!! Eh lets all go eat all the nice and good food on class outings before hzy comes out. Haha all the best you frogman(wa ren)

Anw is there any news for this weekend? (:

|richelle| 7:33:00 PM|

the time has come.. the reckoning is over.. the cock talking n the bull shit will stop. its time, its time, its time for HUANG ZHONGYAO TO JOIN THE NAVY. i still got 1 day ++ b4 its time to don the army uniform, tie my shoelaces and be a NSF! well i have waited for 3 months plus for this day to come.. no longer will hzy stay alone in the darkness n listne to his class guys talk cock bout army, field camp, M16, tau poks with camo cream, ghost stories, pontianak on jacobs ladder, route marches, dirty underwear, field packs.. STFU ALREADY. haha kiddin. enjoyed ur convo n tried to learn as much. i know NDU is tough.. some ppl may say i may not take it.. well STFU!!! i will do my best.. i will coz they is a God tt loves me and He will look after me in army.. haha gone are the days of dota-ing till my mom goes to work, going to work to see chio chinese teachers, ponning work to play arcade, going out after work with the gals (no guys so go out with gals lo), watching my beloved late nite champs league soccer etc.. so many things i will miss..

guess all the above is just part of life. we all must move on to other things.. i cant wait to go in n experience the army life.. some may not like it n say i will oso not like it.. but hey u gotta live for 2 yrs as a NSF so might as well like it to ease the suffereing. i feel lucky to be in NDU coz i tink it very different and not a lot of ppl can get the chance to do it. the skills they teahc in NDU i heard r invaluable. dun listen to kc and mich(STFU) bout their stories of diving for dead bodies. haha from my research n reading up on the internet n books, the NDU is similar to the US navy SEALs. we dive to achieve mission objectives mainly mine clearing n assault but the details of NDU r still relatively unknown. will tell u all more. i tink they r mainly tehre to clear underwater mines n to set up underwater mines. why would the government train u to search for dead bodies. haha so STFU already bout finding dead bodies.

i know the gals have to move on to more imprt aspect of their lives. uni life!! haha u gals may not have the time to have weekly weekend class outings but i guess we guys have to stick together.. (if u dun i will set an unserwater mine in ur toilet bowl) well its ok but just try to stay united.. i really enjoy the comapny of 04s47 ppl when i enlist. i guess the thing to look forward to the most in NDU would be bookign out every weekend (hopefully) to have dinner or go ot with u guys on saturday nites. mich has adapted by bringing her bf along!! cheers sista.. mayb we should tau pok him next time to give him a warm 04s47 welcome.. :p haha keep in contact always. 04s47 is so special lahz.. other classes already long ago so dis-united but s47 has been thru so much shit man.. dun wanna name all but i prefer to tink of the good times we had.. if u cant remeber go watch our s47 video.. prime time was in taiwan man i loved tt time. tt HOT N PRETTY SINGAPORE GAL made it all the betta!! haha

anyways i dunno wat else to say.. just wanna hope i have a great time in army. STFU bout diving for dead bodies, cant wait for the next s47 outing etc. actu i dun really bother bout the location. i believe the company is more import than the place. so STFU RONG n stop complaining :p.. haha its ok we will always have our dear cartel to meet up at.. yup will definitely have lots of wacky stories freshly baked by urs truly out of the NDU oven.. haha will miss u guys lots in army.. will miss my ex more but hey i will miss u guys 2. take care n dun forget us guys u WOMEN.. haha cya soon.

hzy out.. CYA N BYE BYE n


|huangzy| 2:09:00 AM|

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

guess wad! i'm at work using the com!
actually managed to get a com tt has internet access!!
hoho.. :))

guess u guys must be happily resting at home..
enjoy then! =D

|kare| 9:16:00 PM|

Sunday, April 02, 2006

once upon a time, there was a black cat and a white cat.

they were drinking by the river.

Out of a sudden (vocab), the white cat fell into the water.

The white cat was about to drown, when the black cat saved her.

The white cat was very grateful.

So what did the white cat said to the black cat?

|blunder| 7:51:00 PM|