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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You guys r never gonna believe this.
i jus received a call from NUS again...
they jus told me they've upgraded my scholarship to the NUS Undergraduate Scholarship which covers all of my tuition fees and on top of that has a $3600 annual allowance!
the good news just never stops and it keeps getting better!

to people out there who still hv not receieved Christ into ur heart,
i wanna let u know that He is working in GREAT ways.
wad u asked for, He will give more abundantly than you can ever imagine.
and from my experience over the past few weeks,
i can testify to that.
for anything you are anxious abt, seek God's help first.
n you'll find everything all planned out for you in a perfect path.
God Bless.

|mich| 2:41:00 PM|

Monday, May 29, 2006

hey me n mike have got a plan.
the plan is...
let's all go back to VJ together to collect our certs
and take a walk down memory lane. ;)

venue: VJC
date: 12 JUN 2006 (Monday)
time: (yet to be confirmed)

so who can make it?

|kare| 11:49:00 PM|

Saturday, May 27, 2006

guess who's back, back again. wow wow, so much has happened when i was away.

michael, i must say it's really such a waste. u'll nv know what's gonna happen, which is also the reason why i haven't accepted any of my offers yet. but i think i better do it soon, haha, coz i dun think any scholarship is gonna come knocking on my door.

and for goodness sake, using the internet for 30 min doesn't exactly mean that the training there wasn't so bad..in fact, it's the toughest kinda training i've experieneced so far. carrying alice up the mountain was only easy when u think about it. almost killed me when doing it. with strong gusts of wind threatening to blow us off the cliff, intermittent showers throughout the whole day that totally dampens the spirt, and the shitty feeling of knowing that u freaking climbed the wrong mountain...aft all this, i can only say that i've achieved what most ppl would think is crazy. explains my insanity nowadays.

well, but it ain't so bad for i enjoyed myself a great deal during the 4 days of R&R, shopped a lot man. which reminds me yall were saying something about a vacation in july? u know wat, tt's exactly when i mite be having my BLOCK LEAVE (only if i dun go to OCS, haha, which is most likely the case la). yes u heard that rite, im finally getting my block leave. but truth is im already relaxing now, coz for the next few weeks, im only bz with airborne, which is a rather relaxing course.

it seems like everyone's learning something new. we've got ourselves a diver, someone's gonna be parachuting soon, and then karin just got her license. hey hey, must fully exploit the transport services. haha. because of my not-as-busy-as-before schedule, im actually considering to take up driving myself. hopefully it can materialise, then yall will have an additional chauffer (as if).

|syoung| 3:57:00 PM|

Thursday, May 25, 2006

this is the most shocking thing tt's ever happened to me!
just when i was cursing NUS for sending me a late offer
they gave me a call this morning and told me i've been offered a scholarship.
no interview, no essays, just click one button online to accept!
sounds too good to be true?
i tot so too.
but she said she'll b sending a letter to inform me of the offer by this wkend.
n i re-confirmed wif her if she's sure there's no interview.
now i'm really confused.
$5000+ every academic yr!
n i can pursue my MBA wif them as a concurrent one together wif my bachelor!
so i'll finish my masters within 4 yrs!
i duno wad to choose now.

|mich| 1:29:00 PM|

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

can u believe it?
nus actually sent me an acceptance letter together wif the matriculation package today.
and i alr accepted ntu's offer!
dun they know the online acceptance is a joint effort?
either they're really desperate for students now (mayb cuz most pple who've been offered both schs wld take ntu's offer) that's y until this time of the mth they're still sending out acceptance letters.
oh well.
i guess it's a blessing in diguise.
if they had arrived at the same time as ntu
i wouldnt have known which one to choose.
so pple who r still thinking.
i suggest u take a lok at the subjects offered by both schs.
if u've noticed,
ntu offers a wider variety of subs for biz.
n who's gonna stay in the hostel?
let's hope we all end up in the same hall.

|mich| 10:55:00 PM|

Monday, May 22, 2006

shim.. here's some info from ntu's web.

Criteria for QET
Unless granted exemption, students admitted to all undergraduate courses of study in NTU are required to take the Qualifying English Test (QET), which determines whether they take English Proficiency as a subject of study.

(a) Students are exempted from the QET if they present any of the following:
1. General Paper of the Singapore Cambridge GCE 'A' Level Examination: A1, A2, B3, B4, C5, C6

2. IELTS: a minimum of 6 for the Writing sub-test

3. TOEFL: a minimum of 570 (paper) or 237 (computer)

4. SAT1: a minimum of 600 for the Verbal section; or 7 for the Essay section

5. IB: a minimum of 6 for Higher level English

6. MUET: Band 6 and a minimum of 50 for writing

IMPORTANT: Students who have obtained an improved grade of A1, A2, B3, B4, C5 or C6 in the second attempt of the General Paper must submit documentary proof of the grade to the Office of Academic Services by Tuesday, 25 July 2006, failing which they have to sit for the QET.

b) Students who are unable to take the test must seek formal leave of absence in writing. Such leave is granted at the discretion of the Vice-President (Academic Services)

|kare| 5:25:00 PM|

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I just happened to browse through the class photos and the taiwan ones.
Sigh, I miss our class! ):
Lets meet up soon yeah? Next weekend, Mr chng coming back rite?

|richelle| 12:45:00 PM|

hey peeps!

anyone accepted uni offers already? coz i need to clarify some stuffs... if there's nth wrong with my eyesight i think nus states that students w/o min grade of B4 in GP will have to take the QET while ntu states that the min grade is C6? correct me if i'm wrong...

-- i dun wanna take that stupid QET thingy!!

|shimmie| 1:14:00 AM|

Friday, May 19, 2006

hey ruo..
can can.
yall can watch on class outing i shud think the guys havent caught it.
cos this sat and next i think i cant meet yall leh.
i'm working at 6pm this sat n next. :(((
if yall meeting in the afternn i can meet yall den after tt yall watch in the evening lo :))

|kare| 2:07:00 PM|

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey! Haven't typed anything here for sometime!
Congrats to Ka our new driver and Happy Belated Birthday diver Huang!
Ooh Ka, I was thinking of catching DaVinci. Now can't watch on class outing since you've caught it. Hah, are we all meeting soon? It seems so long since I last saw you all! (:
So wassup with everyone!

|richelle| 10:29:00 PM|

*knock knock*
wads happening here??
where's everyone?

anw i watched Da Vinci todae!
interesting! hahas.
but guess would be better if i've read the book?
i dunno...or maybe not.
so at least dere wud be some element of surprise? :)

|kare| 7:47:00 PM|

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Diver Huang! =D

|kare| 1:27:00 AM|

today's outing: Cityhall Mrt 7pm.
Indicate attendance pls. Thanks!

|kare| 1:25:00 AM|

Thursday, May 11, 2006

shall we haf dinner tmr?
i'm working at 11pm.
sms me if yall can k? :) thanks!

//oh shit.
i am at work and i jus got my new schedule for next wk.
sucks!! my off days are on monday and tues!
which means i wudnt be able to join yall for sat outing!
unless can change outing to sun.. =p
maybe breakfast or lunch?
hahas cos i am working at 11pm on sun.
so maybe can drive out in the afternn plus sunday free parking. heh =p

|kare| 3:14:00 PM|

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

GO AND DIE, YeeSiang!!!

|moRe.thn.| 11:59:00 PM|

r we really going to sentosa this weekend?
rong, is this some evil ploy to show off ur abs?

[dino]: i've decided to take up ntu's offer. what about you?

|mich| 1:31:00 PM|

Monday, May 01, 2006

Haha, I was trying to figure out what was the fish market thing about.
Then I finally got it after thinking for awhile! Sheesh, made me laugh for so long!
So we won't be seeing Sgt Chng for almost 1 month? Maybe we can squeeze in lunch or sth after your SAT, ys? Unless you have lots to pack?

|richelle| 8:33:00 PM|

firstly, mentioning the 101th post urself alr lacks originality.
dun be so mean lah.
wah lao wad fish market.
nearly made me die luffing in the office here.

and u mean sat morn leave means midnite?
so meaning dere is no outing this wkend?

|kare| 4:51:00 PM|

hey peeps, before i start, pls be informed that this is the 101st entry of our 04s47 blog. and next person pls dun say it's the 102nd entry. there'll be no originality. haha.

anyway, for those of you who do not know and even if you mite not want to know (and im sure there're many out there), i'll be leaving for taiwan next sunday, 7th may! yes again, somehow, im like fated to visit this country once every year, but pls dun ask me to marry some taiwanese. it's an early morning 7th may flight, so i'll be in the airport on 6th may already. tho im booking out on friday aftnoon, guess there ain't much local time for me anyway, coz gotta pack and stuff. so yall just go ahead with wateva plans. just wanted to find out if there's anything i can or more importantly, NEED to get for yall. haha. ok la, i'll wat i can do.

so all the best to me, carrying Alice everywhere, scaling the mountains and hopefully i wun trip and fall and die. by the time im back, be prepared to meet Sergeant Chng.

p.s. someone should remove the fishball stuck on our blog, it's smelling like a fish market in here.

|syoung| 3:16:00 PM|

This is the 100th entry of our 04s47 blog!
wayy to go! :))
For those who havent left a mark here,
aint u feeling guilty? haha

For a moment, i thot this place turned into rong's and xj's private blog.
and a chalet sounds great!
though travelling wud be even better. heh.
maybe we can try to work sthg out wif the country's warriors. :)

working on labour day sucks.

anw, any suggestions for the coming outing?

|kare| 8:48:00 AM|