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Saturday, June 10, 2006

its such a quick 2 months plus since i enlisted.. lol i gonna class up soon to my next phase in army.. more shit than any of our class guys will go through in their NS lives. my next phase is combat diver course n its 2 months of pure shit to prepare us for hell week.

haha i cant wait to go through this tough period. a heads up on wat my day in CDC will be like. the 1st day.. 7am to 9 am physical fitness test (AGAIN), 9 am to 2 pm BOAT PT ( in which we carrya heavy rubber boat n run around doing PT) then 2 pm to 5 pm is an endurance run!!! the next morning 1st thing si 6 km run!!!

but anyways i m a private now!!!!! haiz i just think my NDU unit is full of politics.. so many ppl carrying instrcutor balls n its kinda getting on everyone's nerves..

btw i was tinking of signing on in the navy as an officer when i finish my diver course.. it pays well n i will go study b4 i come back to continue serving.. an NDU officer cadet in OCS earns $$2100 when he decides to sign on as a regular. i bet no matter how hard the gals work they cant earn tt much.. hahaah anyways i quite confirm with my decision.. almost 70% sure... haha then mayb work tilll 30 then i will find another job. of coz i will start moonlighting..(for ppl who dunno wth is moonlighting pls go this link: www.dictionary.reference.com/search?q=moonlighting ) then making sure i can get a decent job i will stop my work at the SAF most prob when i become a captain at 29?? haha by then estimated pay is $$5000 ++ with my extra diver pay n stuff. i tink the money is good and i hope by tt time i can earn enough money to get married, buy a small car n house..

yup guess tt's all i have to update bout my life for now... hope to cya guys on a class outing soon..

diver huang out..

|huangzy| 3:40:00 PM|

Friday, June 02, 2006

any plans for the wkend pple???

|mich| 1:48:00 PM|