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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


|mizie| 11:17:00 AM|

Friday, July 14, 2006

hey girls!
check this out!

it looks like a great place for a girls' nite out!
let's have one b4 we go to sch!
there's like portable DVD players to watch while u wait for ur nails to b done n u can even get a back massage!
we can even arrange birthday parties there!
how cool is tt?!?!

|mich| 2:54:00 PM|

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hey pple,
a super belated happy birthday to roar way! :) well, really glad that the total attendance for our first four SEVEN celebration totalled up to 18/25! thats alot! I really want to thank you all for the cake shared btwn ruo, christine and I! I was really surprised 'cos I thought that the cake was only meant for ruowei! Well, had a great time at the bbq and the food was REALLY good! was just wondering where did mike order the food from. tell me leh mike. dino wants nice food! Also, I had fun playing monopoly at ruo's house and staying up for the match! Thanks to all who organised this gathering! Looking forward to another huge celebration next year if our schedule permits! haha. I will send you all the pics soon! patience is a virtue!


|dino| 1:48:00 AM|

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cheers to our first 4/7 day!!

and many more to come! ;)

|kare| 12:55:00 AM|

hey four seven! happy four seven day! looking forward to spending time with you all to celebrate 47 day! :)))

|dino| 12:33:00 AM|

Monday, July 03, 2006

yayyy yayyyy!!
our first 4/7 day is here soooon!!

we'll be celebrating 4/7 day at ruo's hse this sat.
BBQ in the evening den probably watching soccer ltr in the nite.
details will be let known ltr.

in any case, let me know of ur attendance ASAP.
any questions, feel free to ask. :)

|kare| 9:31:00 PM|

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Speaking of board games, I know of this place at Prinsep Street called Minds cafe, also for board games. Been there before, but if we're plannin on going there gotta reserve tables in advance.

I think bbq's not bad, but will be quite troublesome right, alot to prepare and all that.
Oh yeah, and we can watch world cup finals together! Or do you guys needa book in already?

|richelle| 11:34:00 AM|

hey ppl, was thinking of some of the things we could do for 4/7
at first the idea of going back to sch and probably having a bbq at east coast sounded interesting, haha, but troublesome.
tho really wanna find some time go back to sch maybe play basketball or something. jia kai suggested some buffet at novena and had the cheek to say it's 40+..hmmm, tho he's rite that at times like this, maybe should spend a lil more, haha. in that case it opens up our range by a lot, coz there's Pariss and many other international buffet restaurants. there's always the cheaper ones like Sakura. even tho jia kai was the one who suggested, he wun be able to make it on saturday, or maybe join us later. so i dunno, would sunday be a better idea? of course we can always choose places other than buffet la, but currently..i have no idea.there's this place called settler's cafe where can play board games one, cheese and jia kai knows about it too, but we never go b4. oh yah, i also found out about this thrilling jet boat ride we could take at merlion, but it's expensive la, and i've yet to find out how long does the ride last. check it out at http://www.asiatravel.com/singapore/jetboat/index.html
or maybe.. we could go to someone's house, haha, i dunno. that's about all i've gotta offer.

|syoung| 8:56:00 AM|