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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

YO!!! i m back from hell.. with a bagful of stories to tell u guys.. horror n non horror..
i gonna write the more prominent ones b4 i embark on the smaller ones when i meet up with u guys. BREAKOUT was quite scary lahz.. i was already sleeping in long 4 with my boots worn waiting.. half asleep n suddenly BOOM TAT TAT TAT TAT TAT... one thunderflash and a few blank shots later hell week has started.. haha blah blah blah later we are all into hellweek. i feel farked up already. cold n wet 80% of the time.. after 5 days my feet look like marshmallows already. its damn painful with all the cuts and blisters. i got 2 at the sole of my feet so every time i run or walk my body reveberates with extreme pain of the highest lvl.. haha no lahz not tt pain. with the two legs being whiter than kiat chay at his whitest, it was truly scary and painful. i didnt look forward to meal time or sleeping time, i looked forward the most to the AIRING FEET TIME!!!! haha everyday i had to put anti-footrot cream to prevent footrot which was coming on fast.

i realized NDU is a filthy place. during hellweek, pee flows everywhere. we have so little time to pee that we will pee in all holes available in toilets. i myself pee-ed in the toilet basins numerous times. not forgtting peeing in the sea, pool and drains all over NDU. however its quite torterous not sleeping. every meal time is torture coz u cant slp and whenever u relax u feel like sleeping. after meals they lock all of us in 2 toilets n u just do wat ever u want inside. haha we usually just slp like there's no tml.

i feel the worst torture session was essay writing on the 4th nite. i was so freaking sleepy i couldnt even write 1 whole line properly. so in the end my essay was truly half fark and it looked more like drawing lines than writing. when i had to count teh words i couldnt count past 30 words coz i will just slp. anyways i gottta go. now at tekong for some ocs interview so had time to come online in the library. meet up soon guys,. JK IS FREE TIS WEEKEND!! NO CONFINEMENT IN CAMP, NO CONFINEMENT IN GINA"S HOUSE OR GUARD DUTY AT GINA'S HOUSE!!! SO WE ALL MUST GO CLASS OUTING WITH JK THIS WEEKEND!!! WOO HOOO!!!

will continue my hell stories!!!!

|huangzy| 10:09:00 AM|

Sunday, August 13, 2006

after this week, you'll be one of the few who made it to hell and back. all the best my man.

cdo chng to diver huang.

|syoung| 4:51:00 PM|

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just dropping by to say We need to have another class outing soon! (cos I didn't go for today's one, haha)
Sch's started and we're all busy, so probably when all of us have more or less settled down, we gotta meet man seriously. Uni's so different, there's no class thing and it feels a lil weird. Yupp, we shall all reserve one day to meet up! Everyone take care yeah, uni can be pretty fun actually. See you guys soon!(:

|richelle| 9:51:00 PM|

hey guys.. come sunday 13th aug its gonna be one of the greatest chllenges of my life.. hellweek is tough n its gonna get tougher for me coz i was chosen to be the hellweek ic which is gonna be shit.. hellweek ic is just horrible coz u must be like alert 24/7 whihc is very difficult. its good that we gonna have a bigger class outing this time.. every1 is busy esp with all the unis starting sch n the gals have other stuff to do. if u realised every1 is always busy n i ususally see the same faces for class outings. ys, kc, zr, karin n mw sometimes dino r the usual faces n its been a long time since i saw ppl like mich, xj, cheese and sai min and ruowei.. JK HAS BEEN MISSING FOR SO LONG I SOMETIMES FORGET HE WAS FROM S47! WHERE THE F R U, U BASTARD?!?!?!?! i know life has to go on but we should have some s47 time once in a while.. well hope i do well during hell week so i can go ocs then i will blanjah u all big time.. treat u all to some sumptous dinner or sumthing.. ok guys BYEBYE and see u all soon. not next saturday coz i need to slp when my hell ends on friday.. need to slp n rest for at least 1 whole day.. keep in touch n dun forget s47 for wat it has provided for 2 yrs..

|huangzy| 1:10:00 AM|