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Saturday, September 16, 2006

tekong...marsiling...hah! well im about to experience the new definition of JUNGLE. the sergeants were given an advance breifing about the terrain in brunei and we saw THE MAP. "ok, here's your camp" (a small pt on a 1m x 1m map) (then circles the bottom 2/3 of the map) "this is your training area". all jaws were on the floor when we saw the 20km by 20km (tt's almost half the size of singapore) green areas decorated by blues veins of rivers. contour lines so close tgt u think the printer actually printed a bold line understates the steepness of a 1.7km mt. biang...wah piang...not mentioning the strange creatures that lurk in the dense vegetation where we have to stay and the crocodiles that are waiting to munch off maybe a hand or a leg while we do river crossing. braving thru all these obstacles to finally reach...mosques and meuseums.

yup, that pretty much sums up what a BRUNEI trip might be like. sounds like indiana jones isn't it, all the adventure and finally seeing some relic or ancient artifect at a mosque... haha. well i'll be gone for 3 weeks ppl, and altho yes i organise the class outings a couple of times, that doesn't mean that im the only one who can do it. meet up when im away, if not when im back...it would be jiakai's turn. haha. yeah, we tie down already, i say i'd be going there first to hide a few treasures in the jungle, his adventure would be to go and look for them. ok lah, enough of the nonsense, hold ur breath and help me pray till im back ppl(dun suffocate tho). so long!

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