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Thursday, January 04, 2007

yuppp meiwei's a genius!
hahas. :))

oh mich, ntu practices tt bell thing too from what i heard.

anyhow, just enjoy uni life lah uh.. =b hee.

|kare| 3:37:00 PM|

CONGRATS to Ang Mei Wei on her outstanding performance for semester 1!!!
hey girl. heard about your results and my jaw dropped.
stupid NUS practice that dumb bell curve shit.
haix. looks like i should have gone to NTU instead.
this place is crazy to restrict their honours students.
n now... i think the pple in my school duno how to bid for modules.
bunch of assholes.

on a happier note: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

|mich| 11:17:00 AM|

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007! ORD LOH!

|syoung| 11:43:00 PM|

Happy New Year~!! :)))

great funnn at countdown. :)

|kare| 5:29:00 AM|