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Monday, March 26, 2007

yeah! now that my mid-terms are FINALLY over.
we can all go out sometime!
u guys r like gonna hv holidays in another 3wks?
i still got another 5 wks to go!!!
wad a sucky feeling to be studying when everyone else is enjoying themselves.
still thinking wad i'm gonna do with the 3 mth break.
oh well. Gd luck for your exams!!!

|mich| 11:25:00 PM|

Friday, March 23, 2007

study break!?
damnn! we dun haf one!
but i'ld rather nt haf also.
hahaha. faster get it over n done wif. :))

mich, why suddenly absenting urself from class outings?
i haven seen in in forever!
hurry APPEAR before us!
dun u miss me? ROFL. ;)

|kare| 9:36:00 PM|

yeah pple.
what's everyone doing?
seriously, i cannot understand how some pple can juggle between tonnes of cca and loads of hmwk and still get into the dean's list every semester.
well, guess pple like me should be satisfied with being able to breathe their air.
i can't wait for the holidays so we can all meet again!!!
3 more weeks until study break!!!
c'mon pple, surely u can't be THAT busy.
typing an entry requires like less than 5 minutes of your time.
In any case, good luck to all who are still "pia-ing" projects and study hard for the exams!!!
See ya'll soon!!!!

|mich| 7:09:00 PM|

get this place alive leh!
wads gg on!?
where's everybodyyyyy??

|kare| 1:27:00 AM|