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Sunday, June 24, 2007

8th July Sentosa Class Gathering

Meeting Place: Harbour Front MRT
Time: 0930
Food: Each person bring something can already, most likely we will get from vivo or harbour front centre after meeting
Games: Jiakai bring frisbee, kc bring soccer ball, who have volleyball, poker cards, ground sheet(army ppl)
Attire: Beachwear, formal also can, remember extra clothing

lunch will be own food, otherwise we will buy from there. activities will cease at around 1600, head back to mainland at 1700, dinner at 1800.

|syoung| 4:43:00 PM|

Friday, June 15, 2007

long time no see ppl!
i'm fine with sentosa! can go there n chill n there's a nice cosy place which sells very gd pizza =)

looking forward to meeting you guys again.

in the meantime, enjoy holidays n shopping gals!

|shimmie| 11:57:00 PM|

Thursday, June 14, 2007

i'm okae wif sentosa jus tt not too interested in the tan. lol
cant make it on 7th either. :)
wad abt mike's hse?
we can go dere one last time before she moves.

|kare| 1:52:00 PM|

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okie, i dun mind sentosa. we can go check out cafe del mar, been hearing so much about it. Should be a good place to chill out. And its time to get a good tan! As for the date, i'm alright with both 7/8(: let's make the 47 day materalise this yr, cannot let the tradition die down in its 2nd year!

|richelle| 8:52:00 PM|

hey ppl,

as much as we like to carry on with the tradition of having a mass gathering every 4th of july, 47 day, it's not easy for just the few of us to come up with ideas. venue this year may be hard to get, and time is quite tight for some of the guys with ongoing ndp rehearsals. i know most of the girls are having your holidays now, whether you're working or still on courses, i guess we can all put in some effort and time to contribute some ideas and turn up for the gathering. right now im voicing this out 1 month in advance so that we all have enough time to make plans.

i originally wanted to offer my place la, but it'll be quite hard for me to manage. hence, i thot of another idea, which is we can all go to sentosa! the last time we went there as a class was a damn long time ago. i thot it ain't such a bad idea, coz activities wise, dun think we'll be lacking. can play frisbee, beach volley and whatever y'all can think of. food wise, was thinking we can bring food there la, if not end up eating the food there. the date i propose is 8th of july coz ndp rehearsals take place on saturdays. if not...yall can choose the 7th la, then me zhongyao and rong wun join u guys. haha.

yup, i think that's about it, pls feel free to add more ideas.

|syoung| 8:14:00 PM|