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Monday, July 30, 2007

i'm against china. LOL. anywhere but that old folks' home k. hahaha
besides the food there, needless to say, is not safe?!

people who wants to MJ,
plan it at someone else's home leh. my hse is in the packing phase.
can't host u guys.
but i can always offer my mj table lah.
so how?
when mj?
i start sch on the 13th August.

|mich| 5:32:00 PM|

Saturday, July 28, 2007

hey ppl,

it's 3 months left to our ORD (except for zhongyao) so i was thinking we should start making plans. idea is to wait for zhongyao to ORD also, but because by may when the girls have sch break again, some of them are going for exchange rite. hence, we can also plan a short trip in the dec hols. let me first categorise some of the possible locations.

High Budget
Australia, Korea
Medium Budget
China, Hong Kong
Low Budget
Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia

as u can see i have ommited out europe, new zealand and say japan for obvious reason, them being way beyond our budget, or at least my budget. as we can see, not every place offers the same kinda fun and not everyone is attracted to every kinda adventure. so for a brief description (in my opinion), i would explain each and every location.

due to size of country, it is very likely that we have to go on guided tours for australia and korea, for an attempt at f&e at the same time wanting to try everything would result in a very high budget. i would say there're similiarities b/w korea and australia, except for seasonal differences. there're many theme parks, and there's also shopping to be done. for winter in korea, there's skiing and hot springs; for australia, there's hot air balloon? i dunno much about australia. both have a budget of around 1200 or more.

china and hongkong would allow a better f&e exp as the language wise is less of a problem, and i suppose we'll be much in the city area. hence a trip like this would more or less be about shopping and enjoying the city life. budget 800 i guess.

the low budget trips are those in our neighbouring countries. trips to these places offer a wide variety of activites, from adventure like sea sports and diving to cheap shopping. malaysia and thailand do have themeparks of their own as well. budget 300-500. due to the monsoon season, we will be unable to do any sea activities in year end but we may still visit these places for shoping and their themeparks.

as december is a busy period, and zhongyao has yet to ORD, i doubt we'll go for anything beyond low budget. hence for year end, im suggesting a short malaysia trip or we could even do a new year count down chalet at NSRCC, the safra chalet at ECP. for the may trip, if considering korea, we mite wanna keep in mind that it's summer. i'd say a hongkong or thailand trip wouldn't be such a bad idea.

pls feel free to voice out any comments or any ideas yall have. any other place you think is worth going, pls throw them out as well. i cant be the only one doing the brainstorming.
few websites to check out:

|syoung| 1:00:00 AM|

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

play soon, during my holidays!

|blunder| 11:57:00 PM|

play mj before u move hse mike! hahas :)

|kare| 2:16:00 PM|

yea i agree we should MJ before school starts! (:

|mizie| 12:22:00 PM|

hello again, i'm putting the link to view my pictures here. as for wines and foie gras as presents, i've decided to make.....................................................these pictures as ur viewing pleasures! Enjoy!! : )

email: aparche_c3@hotmail.com
password: siewei


|Soul Una| 12:14:00 AM|

Monday, July 23, 2007

eh, mj before sch starts leh.
i wanna play!

|mich| 6:14:00 PM|

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Haha i dun mind, im quite free next week. Jk when u on leave until? Haha siewmei, waa i learnt all about the french civilisation, and u actually got to see everything! coooool! yeahh i wana see photos too!

|richelle| 8:26:00 PM|

one bottle of wine cost three dollars

How many bottles did u bring back for us..?!

having my holidays now
anybody wana go back vj
visit our old man
mr har gao.

|blunder| 5:49:00 PM|

u just came back!?
thot i cud ask u to get stuff for me. hahas.
eiffel tower! my fave!
did u go dere on exchange or hols?
maybe u can share some pics wif us. hee

if french is a romantic language,
i shud expect the french boys to be frenchtastic.
did u meet any cute french boys?

|kare| 2:46:00 AM|

keep the fries and toast, ys. french happens to be one of the most romantic languages. and tres bien doesnt sound like lesbien. lol. anyway i'm back from france! : ) it was fabulous. haha. and I went for their Bastille Day( their national day). saw their version of NDP, it was realli that good. plus in the night, they had fireworks against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. My sis and I practically stayed there for 4 hrs to chop good seats to see it. (revival of the true singapore spirit) and they had a concert over at Eiffel's garden. I actually saw Nelly Furtado singing. *sigh* it was awesome!! had one month of intensive french over there but still not quite up there. but i'll continue in NUS though. Now that im back in Sin, it's more training now. Ys, i guess i'll see more of you on saturdays then. :)

|Soul Una| 1:44:00 AM|

Monday, July 16, 2007

tres bien... why does it look like lesbian...

and then this whole blog will start turning into a french class.

someone get me some frech toast and french fries.

|syoung| 1:18:00 AM|

Sunday, July 15, 2007

tres bien = very well? :)
anyways, where's all the mj gone man? lol
and those late nite supper.
missing out on the nite life alr.
(if that's even counted)
can't wait for internship to end.
i wanna go on a holiday too!!!
j'ai besoin des vacances!

|mich| 11:33:00 PM|

mine's peeling like PEEL FRESH too!
any fresher u gotta peel it yourself.
wow! france!
haha. sw went dere for hols?
tres bien = ?

|kare| 3:49:00 PM|

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Haha ys sounds so guilty! Anw my shoulders are peeling, and the skin is really burnt! Like dark brown against the tissue paper, eeew.
Anw siew mei you went france right? How was it! Tres bien? Haha, tell us more!

|richelle| 8:07:00 PM|

Friday, July 13, 2007

golden brown?? i can imagine caramelised boys and girls lying on the beach. lol. I'm away for a month. so I kinda miss the outing. But glad u guys had a great time. : )

|Soul Una| 11:00:00 PM|

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


we go zoo next time ok?

|syoung| 11:41:00 PM|

i see siew mei is alive!
sentosa was GREAT! =)
wud haf been better with you! but where were u!
and u shud haf seen how golden brown our tans are.
i cant thank ys enuff for organising such a wonderful gathering!
keep it up guys! :)

|kare| 11:29:00 PM|

how's the sentosa trip, people? I want to hear more abt it. : )

|Soul Una| 5:25:00 AM|

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Latest Updates On Sunday Gathering (8th July)
ok ppl,

zoo's not a really bad idea, but we can leave it to some other time as zhongyao just visited the place. besides, there are some advantages going to sentosa.

firstly, we have a wet wether programme, which includes activities at sentosa such as visiting the new 4D simulator ride as well as underwater world which also allows us to come into contact with loveable creatures from the sea. if we do not want to spend too long a time at sentosa, we can also head back to mainland where vivocity is, and mite even be able to catch a movie. if possible, we could even take a cable car to mt faber at nite to view the spectacular scenery. yup, there's basically the whole idea for sunday.

ppl who have confirmed their attendence: karin, meiwei, chee han, yee siang, zhenrong, cuihui, shimin, liyana, leiya, xiaojun, shanming, kiatchay, ruowei, jiakai, candy (maybe), zhongyao, yanru (maybe). that's a 15 confirmed at the moment, some have yet to reply. i hope those who have confirmed, will confirm confirm make it on the day, and those who have yet to, also turn up.

hope everyone's looking forward. see ya!

|syoung| 9:30:00 PM|

Monday, July 02, 2007

hello hellooo!
i've got a refreshing suggestion.
sentosa's old-fashioned.
shall we go to the zoo on sunday instead to celebrate?
haha! i believe it's been a while since anyone here has been dere.
wad do yall think? ;)

|kare| 1:23:00 PM|