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Saturday, August 04, 2007

hey ppl,

for the end of year activity, i thot of a great idea which is simple and very feasible. we shall have a new year countdown party at NSRCC (it's the safra chalet at ecp with the large air conditioned living room with 2 bedrooms upstairs). with past chalet experiences, i was just thinking having a 2 day 1 nite would be sufficient. firstly, this is to highlight the the main countdown activity so that it would not be too tiring, and with only 1 nite, it is an attempt to increase the turnout on that single night. at the same time, cost of booking the chalet can be greatly reduced. the idea is to have everyone pay a fix amount, taking into consideration that the chalet cost is covered, with the excess money channeled to food drinks and things we could use for the countdown such as sparkles and stuff. people from other classes whom we are very familiar with are warmly invited as well (to reduce cost, haha, and most importantly increase the fun).

other end of year activities such as maybe trips to malaysia and stuff, i shall leave it to kc or the rest to plan as i have got no ideas. pls respond to this idea spontaneously so that i may be able to secure a bungalow asap. only 10 left for the date. for info about trips in mid 2008, pls refer to entry below.

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