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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

to our dearest hzy:


Hope you had a good celebration ;) hear from you soon!

|kare| 3:05:00 AM|

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


i've been to tt marina place to prawn b4 and beware of mozzies!!
it's quite an experience cos i held live prawns in my hands.
and if u're not gonna use ur hands for the baits,
then no fun!
so go go go....try it!

i noe i shud be uploading some pics here and updating my life in Germany.
Most of them are on facebook so u can check it out first.
when i'm more or less settled with less things to do,
i promise i'll be back wif more updates!

let's hope mizie gets her internet soon too!

enjoy the heat back in singapore!

|kare| 10:11:00 PM|

Bloging sia...

I've never been to City Prawning before, not sure about his price structure, is it by person/rod? (but most likely per rod la).

I been to Pasir Ris Park to prawn. The price is about 43++ for 4 hours(hopefully it still the same), but its possible to split into 2 rods for 2 hrs each, so it doesnt matter if there is more than 2 ppl there. Not sure if can bbq there, but we can always go someone house for some Zui xia.

Btw, prawning spots is 24 hrs.

Kc: i saturday morning work lei =( lol. what say u guys?

|blunder| 10:00:00 PM|

check out this prawning place.
you can cook your catch on the spot.
saw it on the Singapore Tourism Website.

City Prawning & Fishing
What it is: The one place in town where all men, regardless of how suave or good-looking they are, can use a line without their prey kicking up a fuss, and actually go home with a catch. City Prawning & Fishing is one of the biggest leisure fishing places in town and has two ponds, one filled with 100 fishes (sea bass, golden pomfrets, red snappers and the like), and the other filled with 20kg of prawns for the fishing enthusiast. You can even cook your catch right away at the barbeque pits available. Prawning costs $12 an hour while fishing costs $35 for eight hours. The rental of fishing equipment will set you back by $5.

Where: 6 Marina Green
Opening hours: 24 hours
Tel: (65) 6322 4288

|mich| 10:10:00 AM|

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hej everyone! Whoa this blog finally has some life!
So many of us are scattered all over the world now - hzy in aussie, kare in germany, mizie in orlando, mike soon to be in orlando, and me in copenhagen!
I think we should all revive this blog, hopefully we will all be kept updated through here!

Anyways, seeing that hzy has taken an effort to update everyone, I shall too, although i've been here for 3 months already.
In case you guys don't know, i have a travel blog and its pretty up-to-date.

I'm already halfway through my exchange, and i've been travelling a fair bit, but now its time to stay put in Copenhagen for awhile and catch up on my work, i've got my danish exam in two weeks time and the main paper exams at the end of the month. The exams here last damn freaking long, my last paper is on 20th june ):

Alright take care back home and enjoy the heat! (I know its freaking hot in singapore now, but you'll learn to love the sun when you get cold weather like in cph!)

(Some of you must be wondering why i'm called richelle now, that's the name i'm using here in cph, to those people who can't pronounce my name for nuts. they call me like 'hoowie' or something, cos they pronounce 'r' as 'h' and it sounds damn off!)

Okay hej hej! Vi ses!

|richelle| 12:16:00 AM|

Monday, May 05, 2008

anyways i'll post more really soon. i gtg study already.. stay tuned...

|huangzy| 3:39:00 PM|

more photos

my room
as u can see i only have a clothes stand n i hang all my tops n jeans from hangers.. no wardrobe

tis is obviously my bad.. i have 2 blankets coz its so fucking cold........
n i just put it on the floor coz i dint wanna waste $$ getting a frame..
my small table n chair n stuff..

tis is where i get my distinctions n higher distinctions

my heater ( MUST HAVE)

my living room

its only got a dining table, a small tv which we picked from the side of the road n a small heater.. no sofa .. nothing.. students life here in sydney :(
btw the thing in the right bottom is the clothes rack ( in case xiao jun doesnt know wat a clothes rack is, its to dry clothes one....LOL)

this is the kitchen.. we have a lot of condiments already collected over the past 3 months n they r mostly from the asian grocers near my place.. thank God for the asian grocers of not we will fucking die of western food everyday.. n we got a TEFAL pan.. most priceless thing in the house. n the microwave is free from a fren. it has no light so we cant see shit. n the fridge is 50 BUCKS n its fucking small..
the laundry room.. the washing machine is 120 bucks 2nd hand from some china students.. must have. we dun have a dryer coz its so dry here. clothes dry within a day or so..

|huangzy| 3:11:00 PM|

finally i decided to stop being lazy n show everyone wat life is liek here..

australia.... its cold, its expensive, people here r a tad racist, there r too many china fuckers around, there are no muts here and asians here esp chinese are the most looked down upon race.. we're just like bangalas back in sg.. pretty much indespensible.. haha the ang mohs will n always will tink every yellow skinned mother farker here is from China or Korea.

they tink u have the fucking hongky accent everytime u talk. n if u talk to them in singlish they will keep saying pardon??

so everyone who speaks good english ( like me ) has to use ang moh accent to get the msg across to them..

anyhow i've been busy studying.. ok most of the time, so i have little time to post photos. actu i feel lazy sometimes but i finally decided to do it so u guys could see what its like here..

anyways there have been many a bomb dropped on urs truly while i was here..

here goes

  1. meiwei n ys r together.. i was on ur tail man.. i knew sumthing was up.. was kinda suprised but i knew.. trust me ys i knew it u bitch.. cant hide anything from special forces!!!

  2. rong getting attched n gg batam to play 'golf'... ron u reall suprised me tehre.. ahah pulling off a kc on a girl. anyways i heard u guys broke up n its complicated but i hope ur doing fine.. its ok melvin is starting to look pretty again yeah?? hahahahaha

  3. kc signing on.. WTF R U THINKING MAN?? haha at least they pay for ur uni if not i would have flown back to singapore n smacked ur head..

i think still got somemore but i cant tink of it rite now.. ok here are the photos


the outisde of my apartment looks shabby but its good inside

the road outside my home

oh wtf i maxed the photo limit.. wtf next page pls!!!

|huangzy| 2:51:00 PM|