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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hey guys, today was quite an exciting day for me, its the first time i invited my friends over to my house! woo! dont you think thats cool! :) took some photos but dunno why stupid friendster keep saying that they cant convert the photos? huh? any ideas peeps? so irritating, so how was new year been for everyone so far? I have to go back to school tmr, its back to the wake up everyday at 6 and cheong to sch again, sigh, nvm, im going out tmr for dinner, shall just take that as a motivation to teach the stupid kids. muaha, okie, shall leave here, meanwhile, enjoy the remaining days of the new year. to the peeps that went out on jan 30, hope you all liked the nice place i brought you all, while we played stupid games! haha, see you all soon!

|dino| 9:41:00 PM|

Sunday, January 29, 2006

happy birthday shimin!

i agree with ka and i think breakfast is better.

|mizie| 8:32:00 PM|

hAppiE hAppy new yeAr 04s47!!

i hope the first day of visiting was great for all!

i was jus thinking if it's possible for maybe a lunch or breakfast tmr instead of dinner?
hmm, and where will we be meeting?
if possible, kindly reconfirm the details wif me k? :)
prob gonna be home qt late todae.

oh! hAppie birthdaY to both ys and shi min! =D

|kare| 6:39:00 PM|

Hello peeps!

Just went visiting at 8 am. This is like army. Haha.

Anw since now nothing to do, waiting for people to come visit..

i wish you guys:

Horse Arrive Work Done
Step Step High Rise
Year Year Got Fish
One Road Smooth Wind
Heart Think Work Done
Dragon Horse sperm God.

Zzz, Happy Chinese new year ! 3rd day of my break liaoz...no time left! =(

|blunder| 10:52:00 AM|

hello ppl of 04S47!

wishing everyone a prosperous new year! and of course, the best results we can obtain in the upcoming release of A level results.

but on behalf of mr huang, it is most appreciated that a gathering can be carried out before the army guys book in on tuesday. kc and zherong will book in on thursday tho, but not able to come out on the weekend, as it will be their field camp week in the following week, and they will experience what is shown on survivor.

therefore, the possible date and time is either monday night (30/01) a dinner, or tuesday morning(31/01) till lunch. extracurricular activit may include watching a movie (because i want to watch jet li show, haha) or wateva yall wanna do, if not just a meal is fine as well. i was thinking k lunch mite not be a bad idea, so that we may be able to sing chinese new year songs! exciting yeah?

pls give ur comments and contact mr huang for anything else. confirm with him as well. thank you for ur kinda cooperation.

|syoung| 12:20:00 AM|

Friday, January 27, 2006

im leaving for aust on sunday night ! hee.
(: coming back on the 4th ! ;D

anw, things have been really exciting so far !
can you believe it !!
we're like 19 years old already !
feels so old !
things are gna change ! and life just gna be betta then ever ! (:
was just talkin to my friends about how our future gna be like,
and its really gna be amazing.

some people often says ' haiyo, christine is dreaming again.'
or some, they will just say ' hahaah, are you sure it'll happen ?'
ahha the ans is 'YES'
if you dont even have the courage to dream about the future,
you wont find any courage to step into the future !

dream wonderful dreams
for they shall come to past. (:
im having faith in mine !

some people will sigh as they look upon the road ahead of them.
some people tried to think about it, but shuns from that idea few mins later!
isn't this so saddening to see anyone giving a big sigh to their own future ?!

haha. dare to dream, dare to step out, dare to see. (:

'when you lie down, you will not be afraid; Yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet.'
- Proverbs 3:24

love ya 04s47 !

|-ilovekel| 12:14:00 PM|

Thursday, January 26, 2006

lol ah pek i not sure bout mine coz i didnt do a full month.. now bout 600 plus already i think.. but ah pek how much is ur exact amount??? i gonna help out with the soccer team in my sch. LOL i wear VJC jersey tt day then they ask me help out.. LOLS.. haha KARIN TAN!! I CONTACTED EVERYBODY INCLUDING THE GIRLS. haha u tink shag not?? then had to plan where n wat time to meet n stuff. hmmm tis friday is at tamp.. meeting for dinner but mayb we watching geisha.. anyone keen on coming?? we will update further details coz we still not sure wat time the main person SE MIXUE can make it.. yah but place confirm tamp.. ka u can take 969 from woodlands?? reach tamp super fast. so pls stay tuned n tag or msg me hu going for outing YEAH.. p.s. i really wanna go army.. its my cuppa tea LOl with all the running n pumping n VULGARITIES N CRUDE JOKES!! man i cant wait.. somemore can learn diving n stuff!!! woot must look on the bright side if not suffer in army for 2 yrs RITE??

|huangzy| 1:20:00 AM|

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

today at st hilda's a sec 1 boy called me aunty. i almost laughed out loud. seriously
cos he's too cute.

;D anw ! just decided to blog here today. (:
just wanna tell you guys that when you dunno where to go, which direction to take on the road thats ahead of you, you can pray to God !

i love you guys much.
take careee dear ones !!

|-ilovekel| 10:23:00 PM|

mr huang, army is even more monotonous la. oh but you'll thrive in there so its okay right. haha.
eh, i heard results is on second week of feb, which is pretty soon..
i think i got cheated leh! i checked my bank acc today and i got so little pay!! rarrh, how come?? mr huang and other fellow subjects-of-student-torture, how much is your pay??
ooh, but ang pow money's gonna make my account look fatter. cool.
anw i think we should meet up on the mon or tues hol. maybe tues will be better cos some pple may needa go visiting on third day? oh, and i think we should go someone's house to gather.. who's house is up for offer? :D

|richelle| 5:51:00 PM|

hey why is tis blog so empty?? will some1 organise outing for cny with the botaks? i quite shag after organising the last one.. well me, mich n mayway will be having a mini outing at tampines tis coming friday.. mayb we watching geisha so any1 wanna join us pls tag or contact us.. wow i heard a level results gonna release on 21st of feb.. but relax ppl God has already decided wat grade we get so there's no point worrying. for non christians its ok just follow along with us haha... work's kinda getting to me now. quite monotonous and its starting to feel like econs lect everyday.. dead boring n always feel sleepy. weekends feel so precious now coz its the only days u dun have to tink bout work. I REALLY CANT WAIT TO GO ARMY KICK SOME ASS.

|huangzy| 10:17:00 AM|

Sunday, January 22, 2006

when my body cries enough, my spirit says never.

|blunder| 4:17:00 PM|

welcome to kabear's amazement!

i find it so amazing!
saw the orion belt at esplanade jus now like directly above me...
den was walking home and i looked up it's still directly above me.
the universe is jus amazing.
and dere's a lot of stars tonight! :))
check them out!

that's all for kabear's amazement.
Thankew for reading. LOL!

|kare| 1:15:00 AM|

Friday, January 20, 2006


|huangzy| 9:43:00 AM|

Thursday, January 19, 2006

kabear is no longer slacking!
i started work todae at singapore american school!
as a teacher's assistant for grade 1.
heh...though it's only temporary until next wed.

i dunno how to tell u how cute the kids are!
so pretty..so handsome..so loveable..so chubby...wahahahaha!
dey come from all over the world and it's jus so wonderful to talk to dem!
and my class teacher is full of praises for me.
todae is a wonderful dae. lol

just on-ed the radio and it was playing kiss-gdbye!
i went for my theory trial test and passed too!
from slacking so much previously to a sudden eventful dae.

kk..i'll update u more when we meet.
gotta go do some coverpages for tmr. :)))

|kare| 10:35:00 PM|

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

i think outing on sunday sounds better. :)
and ruo...tt dae at ys hse i ripped his cd!
haha so i haf the songs.. :))
all thanks to him i got introduced to such beautiful music.
heyhey...and i havent been watching excessive tv like i used to.
jus normal lah..lol
btw, sw!
lend me jin san shun when u're done? :p

btw, u guys noe the superstar on tv lately?
dere's a contestant who's a victorian...
think yr 1 first 3 mths from tkgs.
check it out!
think is every mon channel u 8pm. or maybe channel 8. cant rem..

|kare| 11:41:00 PM|

hey let's meet on sunday la, den i can go!! for pple who have church den we meet after your service?
haha looks like we all have a job now, while ka's one is to finish watching all the vcds and tell us which one worth watching.
aeii who has the lee hom's new cd help me burn one please! thank you!!
let's start settling the plan for this wkend!!

|richelle| 10:13:00 PM|

oh my goodness!! ka, u mean he sing the theme song of "jing sam sun"?? ahhh..hahas,.. i love it when the male lead play the piano!!! and the song "over the rainbow" too!! lOL... shall continue my korean wave again. oh and, im going for an interview tmrs. very soon im out of the jobless duo club. wish me luck!! : )

|Soul Una| 7:30:00 PM|

i'm starting to admire wang lee hom more!!
love his new album sia.
esp "kiss goodbye".
heard it so many times in a dae plus saw the mtv a couple of times.
fwah fwah fwah!
damnnnn powerrrr!
think he's super talented...
watching 100% entertainment now wif him as the guest.
his live performance is WOW!!
oh and sw!!
u noe u sae the korean drama u watching...jin san shun?
tt show the song is "kiss goodbye"!!!
haha...make me wanna watch it even more now.
heh heh

|kare| 5:26:00 PM|

wassup nv blog for quite long. eh i m single now.. hmmmm mayb i go army become gay.. lol it realli feels damn weird lahz have been attached for so long.. to girls out there, the HUANGZ is back in action!!! LOLS! well clsss outing tis sat rite with the BOTAKS. CAN WE DECIDE ON PLACE N TIME?? THEN CAN GO TELL THE BOTAKLS THE TIMINGS N STUFF. work is getting kinda stale man.. i quite bored if not for my pretty chinese teacher i will be damn sian.. haha n the teachers here damn funny.. hear them say their stories damn FUN LAHZ. tell u guys more when we meet...... now mich has been included in our workaholics club.. miss SW N KA PLS STOP SLACKING N GET A JOB. haha just kiddin have a gr8 time!!! (b4 a lvls results release) LOLS

|huangzy| 1:51:00 AM|

Monday, January 16, 2006

no no, its like they made the story into a show.
meaning its based on a real story!
i dunno the title of the show..
wah, but if its true and i got it right, it'll be quite cool that liu fu chun was based on that story!
whoa, now i feel like finding out what show it is and watch!
eh, when the guys book out, how long they coming out for?

|richelle| 12:42:00 AM|

Sunday, January 15, 2006

so the story isnt real lah..
it's a show?
haha...stairway to heaven ar? lol

|kare| 10:44:00 PM|

oh you noe i heard there's this story behind the building of liu fu chun?
i dunno if its liu fu chun, or maybe its another theme park in taiwan.
but its like some love story where the guy built this theme park for the girl he's been pining for, then he'll wait for her at the theme park on this particular day every year.
i think its the story for some tv show. haha
wah if its liu fu chun its quite cool.
haha. hey so when are we next meeting?

|richelle| 9:53:00 PM|

i was watching the "zhou ri ba dian dang" hosted my jacky wu yest.
den the shi zi lu kou thing was at xi men ding.
brought back sooo many fond memories!
haha...dey went to the ah zhong mian xian.
it reminded me of how we were squatting dere eating.
and the place we took neo-print too. heh
so fun so fun!
i so want another overseas trip wif u guys!

|kare| 4:00:00 PM|

Saturday, January 14, 2006

pls post on the tag borad to see who can or cannot make it on sunday. details are not yet decided but i need to see of got ppl going. if hardly got any1 go oso nvm.. lol pls say whether u can or cannot go.. time for outing is round afternoon? 1 plus 2 like tt. lunchjing together i think. going shopping for new yr stuff or just chill out for workaholics.

|huangzy| 2:56:00 AM|

Thursday, January 12, 2006

hey ka, these are the tuition agencies u can try:




act can go to yahoo and type "tuition agencies" and search. still got lots. : )

|Soul Una| 11:06:00 PM|

mich... i go earlier session for church lahz. my church got 4 sessions lo. can every1 who wanna go on sunday pls list ur available times preferably not on the tag board coz its alreadi overly cramped with shit so pls use the blog.. wat u all wanna do on tt day? haiz i only 1 guy so guess u gals would wanna go for chinese new yr shopping?? ah pek 2 day i sit in front of com whole day lahz.. kaoz my eyes r like gone lo. for next few weeks have to help them enter data n must face com from 9 to 6 lehz...... mich wat u doing at home?? make x-rated movies ah?? haha

|huangzy| 10:31:00 PM|

dunno wad time dey book out can jus msg n ask lo..
damn farnie!!
when i read the plastic mr huang i was luffing like mad!! =D

sian lah...
why always when dey book out i got stuff on.
not sure if can make it on 21st.
wait for yall confirm... :)

|kare| 5:50:00 PM|

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ooh, everyone next time if you see a plastic mr huang pls dont be surprised. maybe he stare at the laminating machine too long he may just laminate himself one day. haha mr huang you so good life one ah, go to work still got massage chair. dun complain! i dun even get to eat lunch la!
so you all meeting on 21st? but what time they all booking out you all know?

|richelle| 11:12:00 PM|

wah lau STUPID mich........ come back only ask money.. eh can i pay u back when i get my pay next time?? haha i pay u 40 if u let me delay.. lolz daylight robbery! hmmmm sunday a lot of ppl got church lahz ah pek!!!! eh so how man??? i need a freaking break from work.. its damn tiring 9 to 6 is crazy!!! ah peks i stare at the laminating machine for 7 hrs lo.. but lucky the staff lounge got OSIM MASSAGE CHAIR!! DAMN SHIOK I SIT 30 PLUS MINS! eh dun tag so much lehz.. post ur blogs.. the tag borad is filled with tons of crap.. mich why dun u go moe sign up for relief teaching?? teach sex education n karma sutra studies. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

|huangzy| 10:08:00 PM|

21st is when their 2 wks confinement is over i think. but i dunno if all of them coming out?
haha yes, i need a BREAK man! i was stuck in the general office today for TEN HOURS! Staring at one MS Excel spreadsheet typing away. O_o
so wassup this weekend? if you guys meeting on sat then i can't join you all. i have a meeting, yawns.
anyway, i will upload the photos (or maybe send to ka so she can put on the blog) of the outing the other day soon!

|richelle| 5:59:00 PM|


i'm back!!!
cant's wait to see all of u again!
miss u guys!
havent found a job though so if anyone out there has any lobangs!
tell me!
who's planning the outing this weekend? i wanna go too!!!

[mr huang]: u still owe me $33! that's excluding the 10% interest u promised me! haha. so it's $36.30! being a kind and understanding "sister", i shall charge u $36 only. :P u can keep the 30 cents. hehe.

|mich| 5:36:00 PM|

this blog is progressing jus so well.
haha..i hope it continues =D
keep it alive!

and zy! thanks for constantly reminding me i'm jobless.
lol. why dun u find some students for me to teach!! :(
i wudnt mind an outing this wkend though...

sw, see me online kindly paste me all the tutoring webs
else can email me pls? thanks! :))
oh yar...wad occasion is 21st?
how come dey can come out?
is it everyone?

|kare| 5:23:00 PM|

hmmmm tt ys ah.. haha shoot me again.. well its gonna be at least 2 more weeks b4 we see the guys.. i feel damn ulu pandang 2day when they were talking bout the army stuff. haha sounds interesting esp bout ys n his indian commnader hu can scold indian vulgarities.. i wanna get a commander like tt too man.. haha i tink kc's commnader needs to go mental hospital tt guy is nuts if u wanna know more go ask kc n i tink kc is becoming obsessed with his commnader.. haha calling all workaholics.. wanna go out tis weekend not?? non workerholics (like ka) oso.. how? decide wat to do later.. we need a break from our hard work man.

|huangzy| 12:31:00 AM|

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

hey boys and girls, ur friendly spongebob is here to blog!!!

guess who i saw today at the pasir ris bus interchange at 7 plus? HAhas... First is jiayi who tapped my shoulder. He seems so paiseh with his short hair.. Lol.. then Ben tan, which i act dunno him but then fellow vj-cians bahs.. Then rong who seems quite happy with his pingpong army frens, talking and talking. He realli thinks tekong is a chalet man. lol. Then Liping!! wat a coincidence. hahas. : ) Then lastly, bballer jun wei. Can u believe it? i was like walking bk to the mrt station and he was walking to the interchange. I looked at him, he looked at me, and then we exchanged our hi's . Hahas... wat can i say... we are friendly man!! lOl.. Lol.. have you ever watch the movie, "Being John Malkovich" ? is like every one is him. But this time, at the bus interchange, u see "being typical singapore army boy" is like everyone looked bloody the same!!! AHHHH... a forest. Literally. U'll get lost inside. my fren was saying tt he couldnt take a cab cos he was wearing his no. 4 uniform and standing in front of bushes The cabbie couldnt see him!!!Lol... anyways, im basically going out everyday, soon going to work at banquet.. sigh. Heavy plates and lots of food!! yumms!! though im not supposed to touch but...... hmm. cant wait to collect pays. That day is definitely a good day. Cant wait for the men to come out and can join us the girls and the boy soon-to-be-man for dinners. hahas.. 21st!!

|Soul Una| 11:19:00 PM|

hari raya haji.

a day back in real world.
away from the world of illogicality, the place that isn't what it seems to be.
having dinner with the family and lunch with friends, moments to be cherished.
but before u know it, tekong guys are back at chalet, while the other i shall not mention.
time will pass meaningfully, not in the way that the people want it to be, but the way in which i can learn the truth.
we will not fall, neither mentally nor physically.
we must discern.

9pm onwards, until we meet again.

|syoung| 5:34:00 PM|

Monday, January 09, 2006

wads the plan for tomorrow! pls update!!

|mizie| 7:49:00 PM|

finally i changed the pics.
gonna ged some slp now.

good morning! :)

|kare| 2:04:00 AM|

wah kaoz i 1st day of work tml so quite excited. haha i cant wait for pay day man.. its the only day i look forward to now. haha agree totally with peks n mizie.. lol 1 less day of pay.. 50 bucks poorer :( eh i support the idea of buffet.. but go where buffet?? actu dun need be so nice coz the army guys surely anything oso eat now haha they hardly get to eat much in camp unless i m wrong.. woot i m damn happy. went to ikea the whole afternoon 2day n spent close to 2000 remaking my room!!!!! I GOT A QUEEN SIZE BED!!!! N A SEMI WALK IN WADROBE!!!!

|huangzy| 12:39:00 AM|

Sunday, January 08, 2006

yes ah pek i agree, last time when we go school we love public holidays. but now public holiday means earn one day less of money =(

but still a break is good and we can meet up. i dont think we should go for a movie cos we will just be sitting in the dark together. lunch should be good. and best is if its like a buffet or something. where we can just go in. and sit and talk and eat for a LONG time.

hzy cut ur hair nicely hor! dun cut till like last time so ugly or all the students will laugh at ur hair(just like how u always laugh at teachers like monica wong!). and i agree work wear is too expensive and they pay us peanuts and expect us to spend so much on such ugly clothes.

bring cam on tues kay! then can take photos with the botaks! lol.

tues is a public hol so everyone should be free except if u work in retail sector or as waitress. so pls turn up!!

|mizie| 2:46:00 PM|

oooh i didn't know there's a public hol next week. aiya, means one day off less pay!
haha i teaching at my pri sch, ai tong. mr huang you might as well go and shave now lah.
i think they all come out will eat alot more, esp the monster chng. hahaha.

|richelle| 11:22:00 AM|

soon u'ld hafta shave anw.
wahhh laooo hzy!
i alr write so clearly is public hols.
dun tell me u public hol also working.
and u mon start wk means half dae rite?
see wad yall wanna do lo..
but we lunch together n chat first lah.
if watch movie den hard to catch up mah...
mike i not sure..maybe sun come back?
anw, pls indicate ur attendance on tues and where u prefer. thanks.

|kare| 2:08:00 AM|

eh ka wat we doing on tues?? watch movie ah? i starting work on monday lo. no more late nites n clubbing. its like 9 to 6 !!!! n i spent 200 bucks plus buying working clothes... so many hrs hope i can pull thru. when i get my pay check i treat u all eat...... macs 50 cent ice cream haha.. pek wat sch u teaching at now? my employers say i have to cut hair coz my hair too long. i'm sure its long lahz. anyway when is michael coming back??

|huangzy| 1:05:00 AM|

ruo...i haven found a job yet.
sw i dunno.
but looking at my busy feb i dun think i can work office hrs.
so if anyone here has any lobang for tuition,
look for me pls!!!
i need to tuition badly. :p

btw, try to keep ur tuesday free next wk everyone!
cos the guys are coming out on mon nite.
so most prob we'll be meetin up on tues at 1230pm since it's a public hol.
maybe lunch somewhere.

let's take a poll on where to meet first k.
kindly put ur name next to the place u are for below by editing dis post.
any other suggestions are welcomed too.
jus add to the list. thanks! [best if u haf a specific place in mind to lunch at..]

somerset mrt
orchard mrt
cityhall mrt karin

btw, add ur name here to indicate ur attendance for the reunion.
karin, meiwei, fifi, rong, ahpek, cuihui, cheese, ys, yanru,

|kare| 12:51:00 AM|

Saturday, January 07, 2006

haha se zhong zi, 50 per day for admin is not bad alr la.. don't complain! admin is quite easy stuff isnt it..

I tell you all, pri two kids are so cute! Quite fun to teach them la. But upper pri is like quite sian cos they're quite unresponsive. Although the stuff are like so simple, still must plan how to teach them and how to make the class interesting. Wah, not easy man.
But kids these days so hard to handle! They like jumping around and they like to walk around the class! -shakes head

bye bye recruit cheese!
all of you faster come out! den we all can meet again!
ka and siewmay, you two found a job alr?

|richelle| 11:02:00 AM|

Friday, January 06, 2006

life without the guys is so boring!! come out soon all of you!!

bye cheese tmr!

(i dun count zhongyao as a guy)

|mizie| 9:18:00 PM|

da jia zao shang hao !!(pls echo back)

anw ytd went back to vjc to play bball. Well, the student lounge is gona be ready soon. Qutie a big area, a nice and beautiful place.

well well, will miss you guys loads in army =)

To the teachers ms pek, ms oh, ms chen. Good luck in teaching those 'little monsters" dun get sore throat and sound like man. the kids will laugh you for that. I did when i was young. HaHaha

To those who got a job, i just wana say i found a job too! i will do my best to protect our homeland. hahaha

To the rest who have not placed their fingerprint on this blog. Where are yoo!

hm, take care dudes remain healthy. =) we will come back soon act in a couple of days time. i think.

wo zou le...

peng you yi shen yi qi zou
na xie ri zi bu zai you
yi ju hua, yi bei zi, yi shen qing , yi bei jiu.

ming ming shuo hao yi qi zou..wei suo mo ni men mei lai dang bing.

|blunder| 10:12:00 AM|

Thursday, January 05, 2006

SURVIVOR: TEKONG has already started

it is a battle that will determine the survival of the fittest. will kc eventually obtain the title of FROGMAN, after practicing hours of the invincible frogstyle? will zhenrong have the inner energy to split his mighty abdomen into 8 babies? stay tune and find out.


SURVIVOR: PASIR RIS contestant gets prepared for his very own challenge, by sitting in front of his deskstop, typing nonsense and entertaining the invisible audience for the very last time before disappearing into the unknown and hopefully resurfacing unscathed 2 weeks later...

(african tribes and singaporean natives chanting in the background)

|syoung| 8:13:00 PM|

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

lol kc n rong...we will miss u!!!
do call/msg us when u're coming out.
den we can gather again. haha
preferably 2 wks time rite?
see u then!
take careee...

|kare| 11:03:00 PM|

haha who say botak cannot use shampoo??? i specially bought one for botak head lol. they say helps sooth the scalp lol.
tsk tsk ah pek u must go read up more lol... like tat how be teacher...haha
blog for the last time liao
take care guys

|kc| 10:40:00 PM|

oh no.. why is there the photo of me sleeping! ahhhh, no xing xiang alr. so embarrassing!

haha you guys going to slave for the country alr, enjoy saving on shampoo la. no need wash hair for two weeks. see you all with no hair soon! takecare! (:

|richelle| 9:38:00 PM|

i'm typing this for the second time!
well, those going NS tomorrow, ya'll take care aight.
due to the deprivation of so few guys in the class,
you guys can now gay around with full satisfaction!
haha. ok, i am so lame.
come back in one piece!

oh yah, why must bring gel and comb?
oh god!!! like duhH...no hair! being sarcastic! tsk

|Anonymous| 8:50:00 PM|

listen up yall, kc and me have shaved all our troubles away.
this better not be a dream man.
i dun wanna wake up tmr morning with my mum asking me 'son, what are you doing? army is still 2 years away'
and then i reach for my head, and i find......FUR!
well if army was 2 years away, we would have just met guys.
not such a bad thing actually. haha.
to kc and zhenrong, see you in OCS.

commando chng and officer-to-be

|syoung| 8:22:00 PM|

Harlow world!! :P
Yes i'm finally here... =)

Why don't you just take away the navigation bar.... :P yesh!

|`FiFi`| 3:26:00 PM|

*takes a bow* :))

kel..why dun u take a pic and put it up for us to see. lol
and wad happened to fifi's hair? dyed?

btw, jk!
yest i told u le right..
and u still wanna try..haha
tsk tsk

shEesh! i think i am ill.
sneeze sneeze sneeze when i woke up. :(

btw, i just did a link to the countdown chalet photos below the tagboard.
feel free to view dem. :)

|kare| 1:16:00 PM|

hello ! (: yayy. ka rocks la. sucha nice blog.
oh and some of the guys are leaving for NS toms !
oh and GUESS WHAT ! i cut my fringe ! now i look cuter. LOL.
and fifi did smth to her hair too ! which is nice too !
(: been a great 2 years with you guys!
keep rocking on. (: love ya people !
- kel !

|-ilovekel| 9:43:00 AM|

we were strangers starting out on a journey. never dreaming what we'd have to go throuh.Now here we are, I'm suddenly standing, at the beginning with you.No one told me, I was going to find you.Unexpected, what you did to my heart.When I lost hope, you were there to remind me this is the start.And life is a road and I wanna keep going.Love is a river and I wanna keep flowing.Life is a road, now and forever, wonderful journey.I'll be there when the world stops turning.I'll be there when the storm is through.In the end I want to be standing at the beginning with you.We were strangers, on a crazy adventure.Never dreaming, how our dreams would come true.Now here we stand, unafraid of the future, at the beginning with you.Knew there was somebody, somewhere, I need love in the dark.Now I know my dream will live on, I've been waiting so long.Nothing's going to tear us apart!
yes tat's our story. 2 yrs come and go and now we are moving into our next phrase, the guys army, the gals uni. the past two yrs we have our highs and lows, rank lowest in phy, gp among the suckiest in the cohord haha and not to mention only 3 taking s paper in our class. hehe but we had damn lots of fun too, selling hotdogs during funfair, indian pokers and the recent craze for blackjack. we might not know wad happen in the future but fate brought us together as a class and i believe everyone will treaseure this two years...
god bless everyone keep in touch guys

|kc| 1:40:00 AM|

we started off as 2nd intakers. we felt out of place in school, but we found place in the class. we were bottom, but we had tremendous improvement. we had 3 chalets, 2 sentosa outing, 1 overseas trip and uncountable number of gatherings. others look at us with envy, we din even bother looking at them. we did not tell them, but they know.

we are 04S47.

|syoung| 12:16:00 AM|


Took 13 home today..

i put 55 cents in that kong, showed the driver my ezlink card.

The driver look at me and said " flash ur card at the ti ti thing."

My face went ...

He said " ni zhang da le, yao fu chen nian ren de piao" (You aged, please pay adult fare)

What i have learnt : I have an old face. Damn
Never try such stun on bus number 13. The driver is probably a commando.

p.s. Dont worry, i will try harder. I tell the fella i am a retaine next time round and see what happens. I will also use SK2, to make myself younger.

3 days to army.

|blunder| 12:05:00 AM|

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

off to swim n play table tennis!

|kare| 3:23:00 PM|

crazyyy crazyyyy!!
i'm on the verge of going mad wif this blog.
gonna slp asap.
prata at casuarina? lol.
see u guys ltr!!

good night!

|kare| 1:02:00 AM|

Monday, January 02, 2006

change the navigation bar to silver?
rock on class! lubB ya all.

hapPy new year !!!!!


|Anonymous| 11:43:00 PM|


|mizie| 11:20:00 PM|

finally we have a class blog!
now any outings/gatherings/latest gossips/news/frustrations etc.
post dem all here!
meanwhile, haf fun! =)

|kare| 11:03:00 PM|


|kare| 11:12:00 AM|